Remote Profile Visual Designer
Remote Profile Visual Designer

Remote Profile Visual Designer


The Remote Profile Visual Designer lets you design your own customised Remote Profiles for your mobile phone.


  • Simple and easy to use visual interface
  • Drag and drop positioning
  • Load your own skins
  • Set your own custom colours and font sizes
  • The following control types are available:
    • Panel - Used for positioning, setting background colours and holding images
    • TextBox - View static or live text streamed from your PC such as track and artist name
    • ProgressBar - View status information such as track time and volume
    • HelpDialog - Holds help messages that can be viewed in a new window over your profile
    • TextEntryDialog - Opens a new window over your profile that lets you send text to your PC
  • Expandable panel settings let your profile automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes
  • Simple binding of data sources such as volume, track time, artist name etc
  • Import and Export feature lets you share your profiles with other users


Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Phone 8 mobile phone or tablet with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

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