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The Vectir server license is a lifetime license. This means you get all future releases and upgrades for free!

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Home User License
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Android users also have the option of purchasing Vectir home user licenses with Google Play in-app purchases. Press the key icon when connected to an un-registered server. Or press the About icon on the main page then the 'Buy Full Version' button.

Commercial Licence

Commercial licenses are required if you intend to use Vectir Remote Control for commercial purposes. Please fill out the Commercial License enquiry form for more information. It is against the Vectir PC server software terms and conditions to use home user licenses for commercial purposes.

License FAQ

Q. What happens after my purchase is complete?

A. You will be sent an activation key by email. Copy and paste the activation key into the text box on the Vectir activation window then click the Activate button. Vectir will run without any trial restrictions after the activation is complete.

Q. If I upgrade to a new PC will my license still work?

A. Yes! You can use your license activation key to reactivate the license on the new PC. Please note that after activating your license on a new PC, you will no longer be able to use Vectir on the old PC.

Q. Will I have to buy a new license for new releases or updates?

A. No. The lifetime license status entitles you to all new releases of the full version of Vectir for free!

Q. I wish to control Vectir on my PC from two different mobile phones - how many licenses are required?

A. Only one license is required per PC. You are free to install the mobile software on as many phones as you like.

Q. How many PCs can I activate my license on?

A. Each license is valid for one PC. If you wish to run Vectir on more than one PC at the same time, you must purchase additional licenses.

Q. How does the licensing system work if I purchase multiple licenses to use on different PCs?

A. You will be emailed a separate activation key to use on each PC. The lifetime license status still applies to each license.

Q. I purchased Vectir before it supported acivation keys. How can I activate Vectir on my new PC?

A. Send a copy of your Vectir license file to . We will then email you an activation key for managing your license.

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If you are searching for a Vectir crack, serial or keygen we suggest you stop now! Sites that claim to give you a crack for Vectir actually install malware that can seriously harm your computer or steal your personal details. If you genuinely cannot afford the activation fee, we may send you a free license if you help us promote Vectir.