The Best Best Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) Remote Control for Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Install Vectir Remote Control and start controlling Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) from your mobile phone or tablet.

Install now

Install Vectir Remote Control now and start controlling MPC-HC from your phone or tablet. Setup is quick and simple!

Step 3: Install MPC-HC Remote Profile

Open the Remote Store in the Vectir PC software and install the MPC-HC remote profile.

Install MPC-HC Remote Control

Step 4: Connect and control MPC-HC!

That's all there is to it - you can now start remotely controlling MPC-HC from your mobile phone or tablet!

MPC-HC remote control requirements

Here are the basic requirements for controlling MPC-HC media player from your mobile phone or tablet:

MPC-HC remote commands

The following MPC-HC keyboard commands are supported in the Vectir remote control for MPC-HC:

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